Original Beleaf 900mAh Pipe Battery Wholesale

Product Details


1. E-Pipe | Wooden Design | Variable 3.0v ~ 4.2v | Preheat 510 Battery

2. 900mAh, Large battery capacity provides longer experience without frequent charging

3. 2 clicks to enter the preheat mode; the light will be on until the preheat is finished (10 Seconds)

4. 3 clicks to change the voltage from 3.0v (Green) to 3.7v (Blue) to 4.2v (Red)

5. 5 clicks to turn on/off the device

6. Low Voltage Protection

7. Short Circuit Protection

8. Overcharge and Over-discharge Protection

Package including:

1*Wooden Battery

1*USB Cable

1*Retail Package

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