Bantam Vape Receives U.S. Postal Service Waiver to Allow Shipping Throughout USA

Bantam provided the USPS with the necessary documentation to obtain an exception to the PACT Act’s prohibition on shipping vapor products through the USPS.

March 8 – U.S. E-liquid manufacturer Bantam Vape has received a waiver from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), allowing the company to ship its E-liquid products to e-cigarette retailers and distributors throughout the United States.

The Postal Service’s decision was in response to Bantam’s application for a business purpose exception to the Prevention of All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act, which was amended by Congress on December 27, 2020, to prohibit the shipping of e-cigarette and vapor products through the USPS.

“Bantam’s ability to reintroduce the USPS as a shipper of our high-quality e-liquid allows us to serve our trusted retail and distribution partners more effectively,” said Anthony Dillon, Bantam spokesperson. “Utilizing USPS as an alternative shipping channel provides our B2B customers with greater purchase order flexibility and reduced shipping time and costs.

According to a press release, Bantam provided USPS with the necessary documentation to exempt the PACT Act’s prohibition on shipping vapor products through USPS. It included submitting applicable state and federal permits and licenses for Bantam and its customers named in the application.

“We are grateful to the USPS for processing our application on time and for helping us provide alternatives to combustible cigarettes to our customers throughout the United States,” said Dillon. “As we continue to expand our brand’s customer base, Bantam is committed to adding retailers and distributors to the list of those we can ship using the USPS.”


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