Notice of Cannabis Cartridge Filling

1 . Check: Check whether the silicone is completed ( If the silicone ring is lost, the sealing is not tight.)

2. Oil filling: Make sure to cover the mouthpiece immediately after the oil is filling (one by one, do not over 1 min.)

3. Check: Make sure the mouthpiece is screwed/covered tightly ( if it’s not screwed tightly, the air will go into the tube which causes leaking.)

4. Heating oil temperature: The suggested filling oil temperature should below 40 degrees. ( the higher temperature of the oil, the faster flowing.)

5. Storage & transportation: keep your prefilled cartridge/pod lay down on the tray or upside down, do not stand it on the tray ( the purpose is to minimize the air pressure.)

6. Retail: It’s best to place the prefilled cartridge/pod lay on the packaging or upside down, do not suggest standing up.


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