How to find a Reliable Vape Supplier from China

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While Chinese vaping suppliers are struggling to find customers, customers around the world are equally struggling to find the right supplier. Here i will give you some suggests to find a reliable supplier from China.

Before we start the questions how to find the right supplier from China, We should figure out one question:

Why do we find a vape supplier from China?

About 90% of vaping products sold worldwide are made in China. Especially in Shenzhen, Guangdong. There is a professional version of the SkyEye data that shows there are nearly 8,000 vaping-related enterprises in Shenzhen, of which more than 3,000 are located in the Baoan District. ShaJing, FuYong two remote towns in Baoan District, a dozen square kilometers of the neighborhood has 600 electronic cigarette manufacturers, the production of 90% of the world’s e-cig are from there, is a veritable global “fog valley”, equipped with a very complete supply chain system. With the increase of labor and rent costs these two years, there are many factories began to move to the Dongguan area which is not far from Shenzhen.

How can we find the vape suppliers from China?

Generally speaking, we can use both online and offline channels.

① Three online channels

B2B trade platforms:

1 Alibaba

Before September 2019, Alibaba was the platform with the largest number of e-cigarette suppliers, after September 2019, Alibaba blocked the traffic of major keywords to the United States (the main market for vaping) and could not draft Insurance orders on Alibaba about vape products, many suppliers felt that the marketing promotion was not effective and abandoned the Alibaba platform.

2 Made-in-China

After the Alibaba platform blocked the traffic, Made in China platform still maintains a liberalization of U.S. traffic, and many suppliers who abandoned Alibaba began to switch to Made-in-China.

3 DHgate

DHgate platform also maintains a liberalization of US traffic, so if you purchase in small quantity, DHgate is a good choice.

4 Globalsource

Globalsource also has some suppliers.

Search on Google directly

You can enter vape manufacturer /vape factory /vape supplier in China on the Google search bar. Then it will show many suppliers on it.


Some China suppliers do Online Marketing via SNS platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook. You can also find some suppliers there. But unlike Alibaba or other B2B platforms, there are not many China suppliers for you to choose from.

② Three offline channels

Find suppliers at vape fairs

There are many vape fairs every year. Both in China or overseas. In April and October every year, Shenzhen will hold professional vape industry exhibitions to attract domestic and foreign buyers to the show. Each country will also have professional vape exhibitions, and many Chinese suppliers will attend.

Visit the Chinese vape wholesale market

As the development of the China vape market, a wholesale market began to boom in Shenzhen HuaQiang North, some are manufacturers, more are traders and brand owners. Also, you can find some vape suppliers in Yiwu International Trade City which is located in Zhejiang Province.

Visiting industrial clusters

Like I said at the beginning of this article. 90% of vaping products are made in Shenzhen and Dongguan. You can visit the supplier in person, during the visit, you may find more suppliers that make the same products. It is beneficial for you to get the most competitive price.

Although the above 3 offline ways appear more time-consuming than online ways, it is still worthwhile for you to have a try. By doing so, you can touch the product directly, know the factory well and get the most competitive price, which is beneficial to your long-term business.

How to choose the best one for us to work with?

After we find the suppliers, There are many for you to choose from, and you may be confused about how to identify the supplier is a reliable business partner to cooperate with. A good supplier is a vital element for a successful business. There are 6 aspects you should consider:

Business History

If you want to find a long-term partner, the supplier’s business history is also an important aspect. As it is easy to register a company in China, if a supplier focuses on the same product category for a relatively long time such as 3 years, their business would be stable to a large extent.

Company Scale

Every customer has different needs for factory size. BIG customers need large-scale factories to guaranteed output and delivery time, and small and medium-sized customers need medium-sized factories to match their flexibility. If you order mixed products but in small quantities, working with a trading company is a better choice than a factory, which will help you save a lot of time to communicate with different factories.

Countries Exported

It is important to know the countries the supplier has ever exported to. Especially for special products like e-cigarettes, the supplier who had the experience will be able to know the quality requirements of this country, the policy on e-cigarettes, how to choose the right shipping methods, which will greatly improve your communication benefits and save a lot of troubles.

Quality Control

The most vital factor is product quality. Only products with good quality can bring long-term profit to your business. And most good suppliers usually have a complete quality control system to ensure quality. Suggest placing trial order before bulk order.

Punctual Lead Time

For a stable supply chain, a supplier’s punctual lead time is a vital factor you should consider. If the supplier can’t deliver the goods on time, which will influence your sales to a large extent later.

Good Communications

Good communication can help the cooperative process easy and smooth, which should have three features: The supplier can always understand what you need; The supplier has professional industry knowledge, and can always give suggestions; The supplier can solve problems and reply to you on time.


No matter you are a Listed Companies or an owner of a vape shop, I hope you can benefit from the articles. If you think it is beneficial to you, welcome to share it with your friends.


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