Disposable Vapes in Europe Meet the “Three Changes”?

Undeniably, issues such as puff count, capacity, and environmental concerns have become bottlenecks in the development of disposable vapes in the UK and even the European market.

This characteristic can be observed at the Birmingham Vape Expo, the largest vaping event in Europe this year. It also implies a potential shift towards a “disposable technology” revolution in Europe.

Here are a few key points:

Recycling becoming a “consensus” among manufacturers:

At the 2023 Birmingham Expo, major manufacturers and brands like Smoore, ELUX, Flonq, and Yooz introduced vaping recycling programs. The concept of 200,000 recycling bins has also emerged. For example, to address environmental risks associated with disposable vapes, companies like Smoore and Yooz have launched innovative recycling solutions in the UK. Smoore announced the world’s first end-to-end recycling system for disposable vapes in collaboration with Yooz, involving manufacturers, brand owners, retailers, consumers, and compliant disposal agencies. ELUX plans to install 200,000 recycling bins and donate $0.1 to charity for every disposable vape collected. Flonq’s disposable vape are designed for easy disassembly and recycling, where the battery and cartridge can be easily removed from the box with a twist.

Initiatives like Smoore and Yooz’s end-to-end recycling system, ELUX’s 200,000 recycling bins plan, Flonq’s recyclable vape device (Flonq Plus-E), and NVEE’s “Vape For The Planet” program in the UK all highlight the growing focus of manufacturers and brands on vape recycling and environmental plans.

Manufacturers are implementing environmentally friendly solutions, such as Smoore’s 100% dismantling and zero landfill environmental solution to minimize the environmental impact of disposable vapes and achieve sustainable industry development. Flonq’s devices feature detachable batteries at the bottom for recycling purposes.

Recycling initiatives are not limited to manufacturers but also involve various retail distributors.

Increasing puff count:

The 2ml capacity limit imposed on vapes globally, including in Europe, poses a significant constraint for disposable devices, especially for users seeking a larger puff count.Hence, many companies are researching technologies to increase the puff count within the limited capacity.

For example, at the Birmingham Expo, ALD showed its FRESOR brand, which can increase the puff count by 42% while maintaining the restricted capacity. FRESOR Nova utilizes a unique flat grid vapor technology, a five-layer composite cotton structure made of medical-grade cotton, and a waterfall-type V-shaped airflow design. It achieves high consistency through automated production and offers a 42% increase in puff count compared to ordinary 2ml vapes.

FEELM also introduced a new upgraded disposable solution called FEELM Max in the UK. This solution features the world’s first ceramic core, constant power energy management system, and transparent window design. FEELM Max significantly enhances the puff count by more than 30% compared to mainstream disposable vapes in the market. With the same capacity of e-liquid, it supports over 800 puffs, redefining the industry standard for 2ml devices.

Puff count is a significant concern for consumers in the European market. They seek cost-effective products that offer high puff counts. The feedback from the Birmingham Expo indicates a high demand for devices with larger puff counts and innovative flavors.

Diminishing flavor issue:

As e-liquid reduces, the flavor tends to become weaker. FRESOR Max by ALD addresses this common issue with high-capacity disposable vapes. It incorporates intelligent dual-mesh technology, resulting in larger vapor production and consistent flavor that does not fade or disappear even after consuming a certain amount of e-liquid.

Similarly, FEELM Max utilizes a constant power energy management system, improving the vapor production consistency by over 95% and enhancing flavor consistency by 35%. This ensures a consistent experience with every puff.

Disposable Vapes, Confronting the problem to find a solution and seeking an alternative.

Disposable devices transitioning to “pod-style” systems:

Due to regulatory restrictions and taxation practices in the European market, there is a growing trend of disposable vapes transitioning to pod-style systems.

For instance, in a Stuttgart e-cigarette event in Germany, industry insiders mentioned that the popularity of disposable vapes is declining, and the market is shifting towards pod-style products. This shift is mainly driven by the introduction of a €2 tax on e-cigarette liquids in Germany in July of the previous year.

Even distributors show optimism towards pod-style systems. For example, Ebrahim Kathrada, the Managing Director of Aquavape, a major distributor in the UK, urged retailers to focus on pod-style systems as they ensure a sustainable future for consumers. While the retail price of replaceable pods may be cheaper than that of disposable vapes, retailers can still earn the same profits as they offer competitive pricing.

Some countries also anticipate a shift from disposable vapes to open-system devices due to the cost-effectiveness factor. In the Russian vape market, the clear trend is moving from disposables vapes to open pod systems. The key factor driving this transition is the cost-effectiveness. The Russian market offers a variety of e-liquid options, including different PG/VG ratios and flavors.

Zero nicotine products gaining traction:

While there is limited market size for zero nicotine vapes in Europe currently, some channel distributors in the UK have expressed optimism towards this segment.

The vape industry has evolved from a commitment to compliance to a commitment to environmental sustainability. It signifies the growth of a “cooperative consciousness” within the industry.

Disposable vapes have made the industry realize the importance of sustainable development. Shaping a better vape industry is aimed at securing a better future. Many companies are striving to break through the technological limits of vape products while making sustainability and compliance the core of their operations.

Overcoming various challenges and bringing revolutionary changes to the global vaping industry, Chinese technology is playing a crucial role in advancing vaping worldwide.

Compliance era: Major Chinese vape manufacturers are iterating on their technology to support the industry’s transition into the compliance era. More Chinese companies will continue to focus on compliance and self-regulation while offering new experiences to global consumers through technological innovations. This demonstrates corporate social responsibility and paves the way for long-term sustainable development.

Overall, the points mentioned above highlight the ongoing efforts within the vape industry to address issues related to environmental impact, capacity limitations, flavor consistency, and consumer preferences. Manufacturers are actively exploring solutions such as recycling programs, increasing puff count within limited capacities, and transitioning to pod-style systems to meet market demands and regulatory requirements.


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