Global Vape News Weekly Roundup

Today is Saturday; let’s review what happened in the vape industry this week.

1. Hong Kong is considering resuming trans-export trade in vapor

Recently, an insider revealed: Given the economic value of trans-export, senior officials in Hong Kong SAR are considering amending the ban to allow the trans-export trade of new tobacco products, such as vape products and heated cigarettes, by land and sea through Hong Kong.

It is reported that on April 30 this year, Hong Kong fully implemented the ban on selling, manufacturing, importing, and promoting vape products and banned new tobacco products shipped by truck or trans-shipped overseas through Hong Kong. Before the ban’s implementation, Hong Kong was the leading transshipment point for exporting China’s vape products.

2. Shenzhen Itsuwa Technology Co., Ltd filed an objection application for not obtaining the STMA license

On October 19, Shenzhen Itsuwa Technology Co., Ltd issued an announcement saying that the company attaches great importance to and actively organizes the application for the STMA (China’s State Tobacco Monopoly Administration) license.

Because the review of the company’s domestic sales products did not pass during the transition period, the company has not obtained the STMA license for the time being.

The announcement said that the company had filed an objection application. And the company didn’t apply for the license for domestic sales, only for overseas sales right now. The license for domestic sales will be applied in the future.

3. BYD reveals the appearance patent of a vape box

BYD Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd recently granted a design patent for a “vape case.”

The patent abstract shows that the name of the design product is a vape case for vape device storage. The main point of the design product is the shape. At the same time, the relevant information shows that BYD Precision Manufacturing has obtained hundreds of patents related to vaping.

4. COEE obtained the license for the vapor manufacturing enterprise

Recently, COEE, a well-known China vape brand, received the “Tobacco Monopoly Production Enterprise License” issued by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, with the license scope of brand holding (domestic sales and export). The official announcement issued by COEE also mentioned that it is continuing to promote the research and development of products that comply with the national standards for vaping, and several products have passed the technical review.

5. 2022 IECIE Ecig Exhibition Held in Jakarta, Indonesia

On October 20, 2022, the 2022 IECIE International Ecig Expo was co-organized by UBM Sinoexpo (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and PT Pamerinda Indonesia, officially opened at the Jakarta International Convention and Exhibition Center in Indonesia. It is reported that the exhibition gathered 300+ international brands to participate.

6. The U.K. government released the latest vape report to verify vape products’ further harm reduction potential.

Recently, the U.K. government’s official website released the latest independent report on e-cigarettes, Nicotine E-Cigarettes in England: Evidences Update in 2022. The report, commissioned by Public Health England and led by academics from King’s College London and a group of international collaborators, is the most comprehensive report to date.

Data from the report show that e-cigarette users have significantly lower biomarkers of toxicant exposure associated with cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular disease than cigarette users, further validating the harm reduction potential of e-cigarettes. The report also states that the success rate of e-cigarette-assisted smoking cessation is 64.9%, ranking first among all smoking cessation methods.

7. India seizes INR 480 million worth of illegal e-cigarettes

Recently, the Indian Revenue Intelligence Bureau seized INR 480 million worth of illegal e-cigarettes from the port of Mundra, the agency’s second seizure of e-cigarette smuggling after they seized a batch of e-cigarettes worth INR 200 million on September 4. In 2019, India banned the manufacture, import and export, advertising and marketing, and distribution of e-cigarettes for sale.

8. Altria Group and Philip Morris International reach a $2.7 billion deal

Altria Group said its subsidiary had reached a $2.7 billion deal with Marlboro maker Philip Morris International subsidiary on Wednesday to sell the rights to commercialize its IQOS heated tobacco products in the United States. It has already received a $1 billion payment from Philip Morris International and will receive an additional $1.7 billion by July 2023.

9. U.S. e-cigarette company Juul prepares to file for bankruptcy

The one-time U.S. e-cigarette giant Juul is preparing to file for bankruptcy due to the impact of strict regulations. Sources close to the situation said Juul would soon begin discussions with lenders about financing if the ban is not fully reversed, which would put Juul in the process of potentially filing for bankruptcy protection.

A spokeswoman for Juul, however, said plans could change as preparations are not yet complete, and the company is still considering other avenues.

10. U.K. e-cigarette industry association calls on the government to reconsider restrictions on e-cigarette advertising

The British e-cigarette industry association recently called on the government to reconsider restrictions on e-cigarette advertising. The association’s survey of consumers, government departments, and public health agencies showed that measures to restrict e-cigarette advertising did not have majority support and that opinions on e-cigarette-related regulations remain divided.


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