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Irish e-cigarette representative urges Health Officials not to ban flavored nicotine products.

A spokesman for the Electronic Cigarette Association argued that the flavor of e-liquid is vital to e-cigarette users.

February 15 – A spokesperson for the Electronic Cigarette Association of Ireland reportedly believes that the flavor of e-liquid is critical to e-cigarette users. Flavored nicotine products should not be restricted in the new legislation.

The Irish Electronic Cigarette Vendors Association (IVVA) will debate the legislation tomorrow.

The Joint Committee on Health will meet with representatives of IVVA on Tuesday, February 15, for a pre-legislative review of the overall package of the Public Health (Tobacco and Nicotine Inhalation Products) Bill.

The proposed legislation would prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes and tobacco and nicotine inhalation products to people under 18. It would also prohibit the sale of such products to persons under 18.

Cathaoirleach Seaán Crowe The committee began its pre-legislative review in November 2021, and we will be hearing from some stakeholders in the coming months, the committee said.

The committee had previously heard concerns from the Irish Heart Foundation that smoking rates among young people were rising for the first time in a decade due to the “explosive growth” of e-cigarettes among that age group.

“The Health Research Board study found that teens who smoke e-cigarettes are five times more likely to smoke due to the gateway effect. We welcome the opportunity to discuss these and other related matters with representatives.”

An IVVA spokesperson believes that the flavor of e-cigarette oil is critical for e-cigarette users.

IVVA is deeply concerned about the negative impact a flavor ban could have on tobacco harm reduction and consumer choice.

“The main argument in favor of a ban on flavored e-liquids is the potential risk of using child-friendly flavors and packaging to make e-cigarette products more attractive to minors. The association between e-cigarette flavors and subsequent smoking initiation has not been proven.”

A ban on flavored e-liquids would also run counter to consumer interest.” IVVA members observe daily that the choice of e-liquid flavors is one of the reasons adult smokers are encouraged to switch to e-cigarettes.” IVVA would tell the committee.


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