Beleaf 510 Threaded Wooden Pipe Vape Battery

Classic Beleaf pipe battery compatible with not only 510 threaded oil cartridges, But also concentrates cartridges and dry herb vaporizers. Pipe shaped battery will have you feeling like you are actually smoking a tobacco pipe vape instead of a modern-day cartridge.

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Product Details


1.  4-inch pipe vape battery;

2. Wooden pipe vape;

3. Fits most 510 threaded cartridges, Including oil cartridges, concentrate cartridges and dry herb cartridges;

4. 900mAh, variable voltage battery (Variable 3.0v ~ 4.2v);

5. Preheat 510 Battery;

6.  Easy to use:

5 clicks to turn on/off the device.

2 clicks to enter the preheat mode; the light will be on until the preheat is finished (10 Seconds)

3 clicks to change the voltage from 3.0v (Green) to 3.7v (Blue) to 4.2v (Red)

7. More colors are available.

8. Compact and easy to carry in the pocket.

Package including:

1*Pipe Shaped Battery

1*Mini USB Cable

1*Retail Package






























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