Electric Dry Herb Grinder

Faster and easier grinding, Compact and portable with a Powerful motor,  Can be operated with one hand.

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1.Equipped with button lock, childproof lock, short circuit protection.
2.Safety: blades won’t spin until the lid is properly closed
3.Extra long battery life:1100mah
4.Grinds at the touch of a button, easy to use.
5.Charges with USB

1 cover the lid and press the protection button to start the work.
2 Press the start button, the corresponding battery indicator lights up, and the grinding starts.
3 Release the start button, the corresponding battery indicator is extinguished, and the grinding stops.
4 Battery Indicator:
3.20v-3.60v red light
3.60v-4.20v green light

Charging Indicator:
Insert the USB red light flashing 3 times to enter charging.
During the charging process, the corresponding battery indicator light is on and off, indicating that charging is in progress.
After charging 4.15±0.05V, it will stop automatically, and the green light will be on.
Unplug the USB green light will flash 3 times, exit charging, then stop working

1.1*electric herb grinder
2.Usb cable
3.Cleaning brush
4.User manual
5.Herb chamber

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