Rabbitvape Wax/Rosin/Dab Pen

Rabbitvape Portable Wax Vaporizer with 500 mAh battery, Top airflow,  Ceramic vertical coil system, Micro USB charging, Large loading Chamber. Brings a unique wax vape experience.

Additional information


112 (L) x 11.5mm (D)

Battery Capacity





replaceable ceramic chamber



Used For


Available colors

Black/Gold/Blue/Rainbow/Customized Colors

Product Details


Dimensions:112 (L) x 11.5mm (D)
Battery Capacity: 500mAh
Preheat function
USB charger at the bottom

Voltage Settings:

Green: 3.0V
Blue: 3.5V
Red: 4.2V

The Dab Pen kit includes:

1 x 500mAh battery
1 x Ceramic Wax Atomizer
1 x Glass Mouthpiece
1 x USB Charger
1 x Gift Box

How to Use:

The Dab pen is easy to use and maintain. Once unpackaged, it is recommended to charge your battery for at least 1 hour before use. This will condition the battery for future charging during its lifespan. The red light on the bottom of the battery (next to the input port) will indicate that the battery is charging. Once the battery is at its full capacity, the charging will stop.

To lock/unlock the battery, you need to click the button 5 times in sequence. It will blink once to indicate that it has done the function. To change the voltage settings, you need to click the button 3 times in sequence. The order of colors is green, blue and red. To activate the preheat option, press the power button twice. The coil will be activated for 15 seconds to preheat the concentrates and liquefy the wax. The green and blue set settings have an auto shut-off time of 10sec whereas the red setting does not have a shut-off time. Be sure to lock your battery after use to avoid accidental activation.

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