Shenzhen’s Covid-19 outbreak will affect vaping Industry

March 14 – Shenzhen, the world capital of vaping product manufacturing, has recently been affected by Covid-19, which is expected to restrict daily life and work for eight days, scheduled to last from March 14 through March 20.

Shenzhen residents are being told to stay home from Sunday, except those who work in businesses such as food and energy. Public transportation will be shut down throughout the city, and all 17.5 million residents will be tested at least three times for the new coronavirus during the eight-day lockdown. Most employees will be working at home.

The Shenzhen Covid-19 outbreak will affect China’s vaping industry, employing more than 3 million Chinese residents. More than 170,000 vaping companies in China, most of which are located in Shenzhen. If the lockdown lasts longer than a week, distributors in North America, Europe, and Asia may begin to feel the effects.


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