USA Launches a Lawsuit Against Puff Bar

March 5 – A U.S. law firm has launched a class action call for lawsuits against Puff Bar.

On the call for cases page, the firm writes:

Do you suffer from a lung injury, heart-related injury, seizures, and nicotine addiction? If so, you may have a legal claim against e-cigarette manufacturer Puff Bar.

Puff bars are becoming increasingly popular with younger consumers as an alternative to Juul cartridges. Puff Bar looks like brightly colored flash drives and offers synthetic nicotine flavors like Blue Razz and Cool Mint. These appealing flavor descriptions have raised concerns that Puff Bar is designed to appeal to young people.

The company voluntarily discontinued sales of Puff Bar in July 2020 due to criticism of its use by young people. A week later, the FDA reportedly banned the use of Puff Bar in the United States.

In response, the company began producing Puff Bar e-cigarettes containing synthetic nicotine, which the FDA reportedly has no authority to regulate.

The dangers of Puff Bar may include damage to the lungs and heart. Some consumers have also reportedly experienced Puff Bar seizures and nicotine addiction. Young people who use e-cigarettes may damage their developing brains and suffer neurological damage.

Puff Bar may also cause other significant side effects, including lung damage, nicotine addiction, heart-related damage, and seizures.

Who is eligible:

Suppose you or someone you love has experienced Puff Bar side effects, such as lung damage, cardiovascular damage, seizures, and treatment for nicotine addiction. You may be eligible to participate in a class action investigation.

A Puff Bar class action is a way to hold e-cigarette manufacturers accountable for selling a potentially dangerous product and seeking compensation for consumers who have suffered severe Puff Bar side effects.

Other Puff Bar side effects may include cardiovascular damage, seizures, and nicotine addiction.

In September 2021, the Wall Street Journal reported that 11% of U.S. high school students said they had used an e-cigarette in the last month. More young people reported using Puff Bar flavored e-cigarettes than JUUL pods, saying they prefer disposable devices and fruity flavors.

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein announced that the state is investigating Puff Bar and other e-cigarette manufacturers, concerned that they are profiting from marketing their products to young people.

Some states have reportedly banned the sale of e-cigarette products.

Puff Bar co-owners Patrick Beltran and Nick Minas deny any responsibility for minors who use flavored e-cigarettes. They claim they have done everything in their power to discourage young people from using Puff Bar e-cigarettes and place the blame on the smoke stores and counterfeiters.


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