Washington Bans Flavored Tobacco and E-Cigarettes

Recently, the County Commission voted 3 to 2 on Tuesday to adopt Act No. 878, which prohibits the sale of any flavored tobacco or synthetic nicotine products in any store.

The Act will take effect in 30 days but will not be enforced until “January 1, 2022”.

Washington County’s new Act also prohibits the sale of any tobacco or synthetic nicotine to any person under 21. It prohibits stores from offering coupons, discounts, or price promotions for any tobacco sold.

Violations may make a business a Class A civil infraction.

“The board heard compelling evidence that limiting the use of flavored products can reduce the use of addictive tobacco and nicotine substances among young people as well as increase quit rates,” said Board Chair Kathleen Harrington. “While the vote was not unanimous, we heard every commissioner express agreement that the use of tobacco substances is harmful and that aggressive targeting of anyone in our community – especially young people and marginalized groups – with marketing strategies is unacceptable.

“I am confident that with the introduction of a statewide tobacco retail licensing requirements, this step will help protect the health of all Washington County residents,” the chairman continued.


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