Great News for E-cigarette Shipments in 2022

Hong Kong may lift the ban on the trans-exporting of e-cigarettes by land and sea to boost growth, the cost for ecig shipments will cut down. On 18th Oct, China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region may lift a ban on trans-exporting e-cigarettes and other heated tobacco products by land and sea by the end of […]

Do Vape Flavor Bans Work?

The 2009 U.S. federal Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act banned fruit and candy flavors in combustible cigarettes but did not restrict their use in products such as e-cigarettes. So in 2020, House Bill 2457 was introduced to include e-cigarettes in the flavor ban. The original intent of the vape flavor ban was to prevent […]

U.S. Congress Passes Synthetic Nicotine Regulation Bill

March 11 – The U.S. Congress passed a bill giving the Food and Drug Administration authority over synthetic nicotine and any other non-tobacco-derived nicotine on March 11 as part of a U.S. federal funding bill. Biden is expected to sign the bill into law soon. As previously reported, the FDA had previously expressed an interest […]

Philippines Vape Flavor Ban

The Philippines bans the sale of e-cigarettes containing flavors other than menthol and tobacco. House Deputy Speaker Rodante Macoletta stressed that the e-cigarette bill has rigorous safeguards for youth protection. March 3 – The Philippine Bicameral Conference Committee Report on Omnibus House Bill 9007 and Senate Bill 2239, also known as the e-cigarette bill, would […]

Should e-cigarettes be available on NHS?

March 3 — 7% of people in Scotland use e-cigarettes. More than 1/3 of respondents to a new survey conducted in Scotland believe e-cigarettes should be offered in the NHS National Health Service in Scotland. asked 1,200 respondents to gauge their views on e-cigarettes to help smokers reduce tobacco use and thus reduce the […]

Vaping Ireland: Flavored Vape Should be Banned?

Royal college of physicians: flavored e-cigarettes should be banned, e-cigarette advertising restricted. March 2 – Ireland should consider raising the age limit for purchasing tobacco and nicotine inhalation products to 21, said Professor Des Cox, chair of the RCPI Tobacco Policy Group. The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland said flavored e-cigarettes should be banned […]

US Banned JUUL Compatible Pods

Crackdown on Compatible Pods has become a trend in the e-cigarette industry, with foreign countries explicitly banning Compatible Pods from entering the market by legal means, an effective means of maintaining market order and promoting healthy development of the industry. According to the official U.S. media “Federal Register,” the U.S. International Trade Commission (The International […]

Sweden Plans to Ban All E-Cigarette Flavors Other Than Tobacco

The Swedish government aims to impose stricter regulations on alternative nicotine products, including e-cigarettes and nicotine pouches. February 27, the Swedish Ministry of Social Affairs has announced plans to ban all e-cigarette flavors except tobacco. The announcement indeed came as a surprise to many, especially considering that Sweden reached its goal of going smoke-free in […]

30 US States Impose Excise Taxes on Vape

There are many federal restrictions on the sale of vaping products, but at least for now, there are no federal-level taxes on vaping products in the United States. February 26 – Thirty US states and the District of Columbia began a new year taxing vaping products on January 1. It is a rapid increase in […]

Irish Latest Vape News in 2022

Irish e-cigarette representative urges Health Officials not to ban flavored nicotine products. A spokesman for the Electronic Cigarette Association argued that the flavor of e-liquid is vital to e-cigarette users. February 15 – A spokesperson for the Electronic Cigarette Association of Ireland reportedly believes that the flavor of e-liquid is critical to e-cigarette users. Flavored […]

Australia’s GPs authorized to prescribe nicotine e-cigarettes soars

The number of GPs authorized to prescribe nicotine e-cigarettes in Australia soars. February 7 – A growing number of GPs reportedly prescribe nicotine e-cigarette products to people who want to quit smoking after Australia tightened restrictions on e-cigarette imports and imposed hefty fines for illegally selling or importing the products. On October 1 last year […]

Southeast Asian’s Vaping Regulations

Southeast Asia is the world’s largest vaping sales region of replacement pods, with 60-70% of the sales of top brands going overseas in Southeast Asia. It is pretty different from the sales region for disposable vapes. The primary market for them is in the U.S. and Russia. There are Eleven countries in Southeast Asia: Vietnam, […]