Rabbitvape Wax Vaporizer CPENAIL

CPENAIL kit is used for Wax/concentrate oil/shatter, with long lasting 1500mAh battery and Ceramic Nail, Titanium Nail and Glass Quartz Nail brings perfect vaping experience.

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Battery Capacity



Ceramic/Titanium/Glass Quartz Nail




aluminum alloy+rubber coating for body


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vape stand

User-friendly magnetic vape stand

Glass pipe Attachment

2 types available.

Product Details


1、Product is compact and small, light and portable.
2、Heater pot is large, heating up quickly.
3、The module of the heating base is changeable. Titanium, Ceramic, and Glass quartz.
4、Adopt swirling airflow design, making wax atomized more fully.
5、The product is designed with light transmission technology, lamplight is transmitted to a glass filter to make work more visible during work.
6、A wax paste container is designed at the bottom of the product, able to carry a little wax paste out.


Used for Wax/concentrate oil/shatter
The material of atomization pot: GR2 pure titanium
The material of body: aluminum alloy + rubber coating
Dimensions: length 106mm * Dia. 22mm
Net weight: 100g
The resistance of heater: 0.25~0.4Ω
Battery capacity: 1500mAh
Charging voltage: DC 5V
Output voltage: 3.3-4.2V
Output power: 30~60W(power = square of voltage/resistance)
Output current: 10-15A(current = voltage/resistance)
Quiescent current: <5uA
Charging duration: about 60 min

Kit Includes:

1 x CPENAIL 1500mAh Lithium-ion Battery
1 x Stainless Steel Carb Cap with Removable Dab Tool (ceramic)
1 x Ceramic Nail
1 x Titanium Nail
1 x Glass Quartz Nail
1 x Glass pipe Attachment
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User manual
1 x Gift box

How to use:

1、Fill the glass filter with proper water then connect it to cpenail main body.
2、Quickly press the on-off key within 1.5 s for 3 times to heat, the red indicator lamp lights for 5 s then turns to the green lamp. When green lamp lights can add WAX and heat for 20 s to stop operation.
3、In any case press for 3 times to start-up and press 3 to shut down.
4、When the battery is under voltage the lamp continuously flashes 5 times, and short-circuit 3 times.
5、When charging the red lamp lights, when fully charged the green lamp lights.
6、To use the product during charging, both red lamp and green lamp light for 5 s, turn to a green lamp for the 20s then stops.
7、Charge CPENAIL by using UPS data wire to connect DC 5V voltage such as wall socket, the computer, mobile power source, vehicle charger, etc.

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