Disposable Vapes in Europe Meet the “Three Changes”?

Undeniably, issues such as puff count, capacity, and environmental concerns have become bottlenecks in the development of disposable vapes in the UK and even the European market. This characteristic can be observed at the Birmingham Vape Expo, the largest vaping event in Europe this year. It also implies a potential shift towards a “disposable technology” […]

Global Vape News Weekly Roundup 2022.11.14

1、Empire Brands launches Blu2.0 in the UK market Empire Brands recently launched a new vape product in the U.K. market – Blu2.0, replacing its existing Myblu product. Empire Brands said the new product uses ceramic coil heating technology, while its previous product used a cotton coil, so the new product can provide a better consumer […]

South Africa Sticks With the High Tax on Ecig

In July this year, the South African government announced that it would impose an excise tax on e-cigarette products, which would come into effect on 1 January 2023, a proposal announced to the community and consulted on last year. In response, the local e-cigarette industry has expressed discontent that if the government introduces a tax […]

Global Vape News Weekly Roundup

Today is Saturday; let’s review what happened in the vape industry this week. 1. Hong Kong is considering resuming trans-export trade in vapor Recently, an insider revealed: Given the economic value of trans-export, senior officials in Hong Kong SAR are considering amending the ban to allow the trans-export trade of new tobacco products, such as […]

Great News for E-cigarette Shipments in 2022

Hong Kong may lift the ban on the trans-exporting of e-cigarettes by land and sea to boost growth, the cost for ecig shipments will cut down. On 18th Oct, China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region may lift a ban on trans-exporting e-cigarettes and other heated tobacco products by land and sea by the end of […]

New Zealand Hospitals Offer E-cig to Smoking Patients

June 24 — New Zealand’s Wanganui District Health Board (DHB) announced that its hospital on New Zealand’s North Island would be completely smoke-free on June 27, but it didn’t stop there. It also announced it would offer free e-cigarettes to patients and encourage them to use them in the Te Awhina acute mental health unit. […]

Shenzhen Customs Assists Vape Export

Shenzhen Baoan District continues to deepen cooperation between the customs and help vaping enterprises maintain stability and improve the quality of foreign trade. On the afternoon of May 20th, the Baoan District Industry & Information Technology Bureau and Nantou Customs and Tongle Customs carry out a special lecture on the import and export policy in […]

Shenzhen’s Covid-19 outbreak will affect vaping Industry

March 14 – Shenzhen, the world capital of vaping product manufacturing, has recently been affected by Covid-19, which is expected to restrict daily life and work for eight days, scheduled to last from March 14 through March 20. Shenzhen residents are being told to stay home from Sunday, except those who work in businesses such […]

LGA Urges UK to Cut VAT on Vape from 20% to 5%

The Local Government Association (LGA), which represents councils in England and Wales, has urged the government to cut VAT on vape products to help more people quit smoking. The LGA said VAT on vape should be reduced from 20% to 5% to bring them in line with the sale of nicotine gum and patches. Current […]

Hertfordshire Supports the Smoke-Free Day with a Free E-cig Kit

March 9 – Hertfordshire No Smoking Day in the UK takes place on March 9, 2022, so to mark the day and help smokers who want to quit, Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) is offering free e-cigarette starter kits to adults over the age of 18 who have tried and failed to quit but are ready […]

Bantam Vape Receives U.S. Postal Service Waiver to Allow Shipping Throughout USA

Bantam provided the USPS with the necessary documentation to obtain an exception to the PACT Act’s prohibition on shipping vapor products through the USPS. March 8 – U.S. E-liquid manufacturer Bantam Vape has received a waiver from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), allowing the company to ship its E-liquid products to e-cigarette retailers and distributors […]

UK Vapers Can Buy E-cigarettes from Vending Machines

March 7 – For the first time in the UK, people can buy e-cigarette products from vending machines using a digital ID on their smartphones. As part of a 12-month trial approved by Bucks & Surrey Trading Standards – a decade after the sale of tobacco products through machines was banned from keeping them out […]